Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ease of Gas Retention

From Brazil, reader Joao (a long time Japanese student) sent in a photo of this young man proudly displaying his cool tattoo at a party.

Besides the fact the characters are poorly written, the true meaning of the tattoo may not be as what the owner intended.

(air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit), (stop, halt, desist; detain), (peaceful, quiet; happy, healthy), could be interpreted as “ease of gas retention”.

Perhaps this is some kind of viral ad campaign by makers of gas-relief medications?

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  1. He should've cut to the chase and gotten "我要放屁" or somesuch...

  2. Please take pity on the poor white girl who's working at a preschool level here.

    I got the first and the final two characters (thanks to my ability to recognize "比," and to navigate but the second . . .?

  3. 我要放屁 means "I have to release gas/fart".