Friday, March 10, 2006

"Skin, Hair, Body"

This tattoo
was shown in March 7th of BMEzine’s kanji gallery without any caption.

The first character (leather, skin) and last character (body) are done correctly. I am having trouble on deciding if the owner wanted (capitol of Anhui province) or (hair, milli-) in the center.

As of right now, I think it should be , which means “skin, hair, body”.

In a previous post, owner of a claims she was told it meant “carpe diem”, which is wrong.

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  1. This is what I think. The first word, ge, could mean eliminate. The second word could be hair. The last word means body. So I am thinking: the body which hair is eliminated.

  2. Well that's just insanely stupid, why not just get "Carpe diem"? Not only did they have to resort to another language to look cool, they had to translate that other language into another language that they knew nothing about.

    Oh. That's just... silly.