Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lucky Dog Dead Drunk

I do not know whether if the rotated placement of these characters were intentional or not, but the four characters are loosely translated as “lucky, dog, dead, drunk”.

I should also mention that the character in the tattoo is a Japanese simplified kanji from .

The illustrations of moon, sun, star, and cloud reminded me of the music video of Smashing Pumpkin’s song – Tonight, Tonight.


  1. I take it that 吉狗死酔 isn't a set phrase in Chinese, huh?

  2. It does look like the rotation of the characters is intentional, or at the very least makes some sense.

    The combination, however, does not.

  3. not even in the same font. oh dear.

  4. The way the characters are written are not even consistent. Look how thick the strokes of the top character are in comparison to the others.

  5. What masculine-looking drawings!

    They look constipated, if you ask me.

  6. As a former film school student and pointer-outer of cultural references, the Smashing Pumpkins video was based on the silent film A Trip to the Moon.