Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blood Sweat Tear

It seems every time my buddy Shannon Larratt updates the BME's Kanji tattoo gallery, there are always some fools showing off their poorly done tats. Sometimes the same mistake on one tattoo reappears on someone else, as if it is some kind of infectious disease.

This guy wanted "blood sweat tear" on his arm. I am curious if the extra red dot in (sweat) was intentionally placed there for dramatic effect or tattooist's carelessness. The last character (tear) is missing two strokes, one in right upper corner and one in the right lower corner.

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  1. Given the missing parts, perhaps the title should have been: Blod, Swet, and Ters.

  2. Japanese 涙 is missing one of your strokes as well.

  3. Tattooing "PAIN" down your arm? What an emo faggort. He deserves the incorrectness, because he's patently a dick.

  4. That is from a sheet put out by Kevin Craig, Victory Flash. I know, I have probably done it on someone...