Saturday, September 17, 2005

First Female Extremely Hand?


First of all, this tattooed phrase is complete gibberish. It does not have any significant meaning in neither Chinese nor Japanese. They are four randomly chosen characters. The first character does not even exist in neither Chinese nor Japanese vocabulary; it was made to mimic the Chinese characters.

Plus, the calligraphy is absolutely terrible. The brush strokes' widths are inconsistent, which shows neither the tattooist nor the client had any idea about what proper Chinese or Japanese calligraphy should look like.

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  1. First thought when I looked at it was that they was that they wanted "tai4 ji2 quan2" (tai chi). "Shou3" could be "quan2" without the whole top part, and I guess "wen2" could be "tai4" if you distorted it enough. I dunno about the first character, whatever it's supposed to be.

  2. Whoops—I see that the "wen2" is actually "nuu3." Oh well. The calligraphy is so bad it could be either one of them.

  3. Let me tak a stab at this...

    I thought it resembled "着女極手". If I remember right, the last two characters can be used to loosely mean "champion" or "the best". Second chatacter is definitely "female" or "women". This leads me to believe that phrase is something of..."champion of picking up chicks" or mostly likely "pimp daddy" or something like that.

  4. Hahaha "champion at picking up chicks."

    Should have just used something like "女人高手". Although not that great of an alternative, at least it doesn't look as retarded and unintelligable.

  5. This also looks like the infamous gibberish 'asian font' but I am beginning to see how it works.

    This is supposed to be:
    Making it the name PAUL.