Sunday, September 25, 2005


is the Chinese version of English word "mommy". In this tattoo, the second character has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

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  1. LOL. That's just stupid, why would anyone tatto mommy on their back.

  2. Okay my Chinese is really poor but isn't the other Character written wrong? Or at least artistically designed? 反 Is the closest character I can find and apparently means 'to rebel' So If my Chinese is correct (probably not) Why does this person have a rebellious tattoo and then have 'mommy'? does this person have a identity crisis?? Or where they told a different meaning to the tattoo? Or they really like their mommy. ;-)

  3. sarah-jayne,

    the character is 友 (friend) not 反 (opposite).

  4. Ah... see bad Chinese.

  5. OKay, I just wonder if some one can get a tattoo done right and then another one done wrong is it just pot luck that one is right and the other is wrong???

  6. If the tattooist doesn't know what he's writing, then absolutely.

  7. Just a note to suggest that this *is* a new mommy, not that they necessarily "really like their mommy."

  8. What does the rest of the tattoo say? If you click on the image you get a bigger photo, with a second tattoo further down his/her (I think it's a her) back.

  9. I hope my Chinese is better this time.I'm only a beginner

    永 Means eternal
    妹 Younger sister
    The third one is woman
    I don't know the fourth one.
    Nor the fifth.
    神 god, spirit
    the last one means feelings, love, passion.

  10. Third and fourth character, put together, means "daughter". Fifth one is chi "air". Last character is, loosely, "feelings".

    Altogether (and I'm no professional translator), it seems to say "Mommy, enteral younger sister daughter kind of divine emotions (love?)".

    My $0.02

  11. mebbe the 氣 means "angry" and the thing reads: "Younger sister and daughter forever have the love of an angry god between them."

  12. so does this say mommy or not? I have found three different ways. one has four dots at the bottom. Ever since I had my daughter Ive wanted this tattoo but now I think Ill just stick with english!

  13. Anon, it would say "mommy" if the second character hadn't been rotated 90 degress clockwise.

  14. 媽咪 = "ma mi" = mommy

    "yong mei nu'er qi shenqing"

    Forever younger-sister daughter chi expression

    "chi" can mean mystical energy, air, gas, anger