Friday, September 30, 2005

Strange "Love"

Three weeks ago, I emailed Shannon Larratt a list of incorrect tattoo samples that were featured in his BMEzine tattoo gallery. One thing I pointed out was that some tattooists may be sharing inaccurate tattoo stencils (or flash). Perhaps they just purchased the stencils from the same company, but all their clients had the exact same mistake in their tattoos.

This week I saw the same trend again. All these tattoos of the character (love) are missing a dot on the left side, and the first dot in the (heart) partial are pointing in the wrong direction:

And in this person’s “love”, the (heart) partial is not even completed:

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  1. Just think how many people want 'love' tattooed on their bodies.

  2. The guy... the tatt on his neck... I mean, that ranks as one of THE ugliest, most poorly drawn characters that I've ever seen, never mind the fact that it's incorrect.

    I'd like to hear from this poor fellow to see if he's satisfied with it or if he even cares.



  4. hi, i found this written on the bottom of the right insole in these shoes i just bought. a few people told me to ask you what it means

  5. Anon, is that tattooed on someone's breast? Anyway, the character is , which basically means "strength" or "power."

    Pete, roughly translated, it reads: "[I] love only you. I really should not have felt affection towards her."

  6. looks like the tattooist was shaking when he did it, poorly done tattoo whether or not the symbol is right.