Saturday, October 8, 2005

Cannabis Love

The next time you decide to toke up some dope and get a tattoo in Germany or Europe in general, make sure your tattooist did not purchase his flash from one of these vendors shown above.

is upside down and the correct character for cannabis is or , not the one shown on their website.

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  1. the character labelled marijauna looks like the japanese for potato: 芋. i dont know if it is the same in chinese.

  2. Oh wow. I can't believe they even got the character for "beauty" wrong! WTF? I can hardly read any Chinese at all, but I can tell you one thing: the character for "beauty" is not what they have written, and apparently it isn't that in Japanese either.

  3. Well, one would expect to see 美 for beautiful, however according to my kanji dictionary 妍 does mean beautiful too. It carries the same Japanese pronunciation as 美, but a different Chinese one. Personally, I've never seen it written. Maybe it is more common in Chinese?