Saturday, October 8, 2005

"Body Cavity"

One young lady's boyfriend emails me this photo and asking what the character really meant. Apparently the young lady was told by the tattooist that the character is Chinese for "magic".

It would be "Magic", if you want to make cocaine filled balloons disappear by stuff them into your body cavity before the DEA agents arrest you at the border.

The character has multiple meanings, and one of them is "body cavity".

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  1. what are the other meanings?

  2. Maybe she could add another three characters to 腔 to get 裝腔作勢, which means "to be affected/pretentious; strike a pose." That sounds about right.

  3. 膣(ちつ)in japanese is 'vagina'. definately not the type of tatoo i would want as a lady...