Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Four Seasons

(thanks to Terry for the photos)

Just because you have purchased the latest books on Feng Shui 風水 and watched way too much home make-over shows, it does not mean you have to jump onto the bandwagon. At least please consult someone first.

Twisted “Four Seasons” , that is definitely bad Feng Shui.

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  1. Augh. Ugly calligraphy is bad. Putting the characters sideways and upside-down is bad. And including the フユ (fuyu) Japanese pronunciation alongside "winter" in katakana is totally awesomely bad. I love it.

  2. Ha, I didn't notice the furigana, good eye durf. I wonder if those things rotate? Perhaps some vandals purposely inverted their characters?

  3. Yes, these kind of inlaid circular decorations can be rotated. In fact, in a good wind they will rotate by themselves.

    Which is why you won't see them used very often, for any reason.

  4. Well, if the wind rotates them then I guess the upside-downness is somewhat forgivable. They should have maintenance gardeners come in and keep them the right way up, though. The bad calligraphy and the inconsistent furigana are nice, as well.