Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Seven Sins

Anyone who has ever read Dante Alighieri’s La divina commedia or The Divine Comedy” (It was a required reading when I was in high school, and trust me, it was not an actual “comedy”) or watched the movie “SE7EN” would know about the Seven Deadly Sins, also known as the Cardinal Sins.

"Superbia" (, Pride), “Invidia” (, Envy), “Ira” ( or , Wrath), “Acedia” ( or , Sloth), “Avaritia” (, Greed), “Gula” ( or , Gluttony), and “Luxuria” (, , or , Lust) are Latin names for the Seven Deadly Sins.

is the simplification of .

After viewing the tattoo above, I would like to add “improvidus” and “ignarus” to the Cardinal Sins list.

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  1. It's bad enough having bad chinese writing, and then let a scratcher do a homemade job on you....yikes, I have you have money for a big cover up job!!!!

  2. Yeah...why isn't wilful ignorance on the list of deadly sins? It can certainly make you dead in some situations. Or if not, dead of embarassment.

  3. It's actually The "Divine" Comedy...not that incorrect characters matter in a word too much

  4. The original meaning of "comedy" was "story with a happy ending", so that's why Dante called his poem a comedy.

  5. But China doesn't force Tibetans to get poorly done Hanzi tattoos as punishment.

  6. I must be a geek, but I laughed with improvidus and ignarus. Good site!

  7. Dococ:
    Sins can be forgiven, but stupidity is forever (-some bumper sticker)

  8. I definitely like your additions to the 7 Deadly Sins!
    You crack me up!
    I am also torn between shock, horror and total hilarity from just how many painful examples of Hanzi-Smatter you've been able to come up with!
    And to think, if there are THIS many out there that you've been able to locate (or have been located for you to post), there must be hundreds more for each one you've posted!
    Damn, why don't these people just ASK somebody before getting a PERMANENT mark incorrectly inked into themselves???
    SInce your Latin is so good, is there a Latin phrase for "You deserve what you get!" ("caveat emptor" just isn't sufficient, and a translation of "ye only reap what ye sew" isn't quite appropriate)
    I love your site (or have I mentioned that before?)