Wednesday, November 2, 2005

"Forever Cherish"

I wonder what she is "forever cherishing" () about.

The poorly done tattoo, perhaps?

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  1. Ugh, they just keep on coming.

    It's like having "LOVE" tattooed on your arm, only the "E" is missing the middle stroke and the L is backwards.

  2. Just wondering if ppl here are against the use of asian characters as tattoos?

    Or they are against ppl who get characters that are horribly wrong?

  3. I personally do not have any objections regarding the practice of tattooing.

    Unfortunately many out there who do get tattoos usually or never verify if the tattoos are indeed correct or not.

  4. Even thought the tattoo is poorly done, I think the grammar is astonishigly correct for someone who just took some words from internet or a chinese dictionary and put them together.

  5. Well, that's a good point, at least he put up a legitimiate 成語.

  6. I'm impressed you even got 懐 OUT of that! Even with it being a 成語 that is just CRAZY.

    As for the "how do I feel about Asian characters as tattoos" thing, it's not so much "against" as just "cringing," at least at the ones that are either wrong or simply done in horrid handwriting.

  7. Well, there are some ppl out there who have asian characters tattooed on them, and they are grammatically correct....?? How do you feel about those ppl??

  8. its like someone living in asia with an english tattoo... it just looks really weird..

    i would be embarassed to have characters (correct or not) permanantly etched into my skin.

    the bad ones are kinda painful to look at too XD

  9. >> its like someone living in asia
    >> with an english tattoo...
    >> it just looks really weird..

    It really does. Even more so because in countries that actually use Kanji/Hanzi for their writing system, people don't usually put "words" in their tattoos. In Japan at least tatoos are traditionally pictures/designs rather than "writing" ie. this sort of thing:

    Out of interest, do tattoos in China usually include Chinese characters?

    Cool site btw.

  10. Right. From that very site this picture shows a Japanese tattoo with some text in it - even if it isn't the main element.

  11. >Right. From that very site this >picture > >shows a Japanese tattoo with some >text in it - even if it isn't the >main element.

    Point taken. That's the name of the tattoo studio btw (horiryuujin)
    Still I'd be interested in what sort of tattoos people in China usually have (presumably not "Love", "Tank" or any of the crazy stuff here!)

  12. Chinese here! I'm gonna say people in China will never have a tatoo with Chinese characters. That just seems so stupid to people around you, i.e. Chinese. It might seem cool to you guys in America or other countries. Perhaps it's simpler to explain by saying that an American will not tatoo on him/herself "forever cherishing".

    Mainly pictures or foreign characters to answer the doubt.

  13. Leviticus 19:28 "‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.

    there are sound reasons (it's permanent) not to get tatoos. Which are also reasons to make sure they're "spelled" right.