Tuesday, November 22, 2005



I hope this tattooist has posted a mirrored photo rather than a mirrored tattoo.

means "gratitude" and "kindness".

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  1. I like the brush strokes. Too bad it's backwards!

    I mean, how do you accidentally mirror a photo? As far as I know, it's only something that's likely to happen on purpose in Photoshop or something. Scanners and digital cameras won't do it. If you're taking a photo of yourself in a mirror, sure, but then you'd at least know and try and rectify it - unless you want to look like a fool with a backwards hanzi/kanji on your ass.

  2. Some tattoo artists and customers take designs from fake tattoo stencils made of henna. The principle with those are, they are mirrored, they are sticked to the area and when the paper comes off, there's a correct Kanji tattoo to be lasted for a few weeks. Anyway, when the artist/customers, take the stencil as a picture and apply the design as it is....it becomes a mirrored Kanji tatoo to last forever!

  3. coljac,

    Some people don't know how to mirror an image on the computer, so if they took a digital photo of their own tattoo through a mirror, they'll just leave the photo as is. Perhaps this is the case here.

  4. I don't think you need a mirror to take a photo of most tatoos. Given the ignorance of hanzi out there, I think in most cases the mirrored tattoo is the more likely explanation.