Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Raven's Lazy Eye


or does not mean "balance", rather it means "authority" and "rights".

in modern Chinese is commonly used to represent "dry" or "dehydrated". There was a Chinese emperor named 乾隆. In the book of Yi Jing (易經), it is used to represent "heaven".

Although any celebration would be a joyous occasion, does not mean "joy", it means "to celebrate".

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  1. "Much like a word." Nice.

  2. "A kanji is a Japanese symbol that has a meaning, much like a word."

    Yea, and spoken Japanese is a serious of sounds made with the mouth, much like a language.

    Such a deep understanding of the culture.

  3. And that was written by someone with a bunch of neurons which have connected to each other and form electric patterns, much like a brain.