Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Site News: Shannon Larratt from BMEzine

Shannon Larratt, founder of the largest body modification magazine BMEzine, has emailed me with the following:

"I liked your Kanji page. I did a similar article some time ago:


I have a gallery of kanji tattoos here:


If you would ever like to write an article for my zine using the photos from my galleries, I'd love to publish it.



  1. Do it Tian, I bet it would be very funny!

  2. Shannon has already emailed me a set of username and password that would allow me to access the "extreme 2 members only" area. I am looking forward to this cooperation.

  3. Wow you don't need to look very far into the gallery to find all kinds of messed up tattoos. - Boon.

  4. My wife is a tattoo artist. She hates tattooing kanji and charges extra for them, characterizing them as "tattoos for those who want to be cool but have no imagination or taste."

    She has an artist's gallery page on bmezine. She gets an advanced membership as part of the deal. I made the mistake of looking at female genital piercings, and couldn't look at pornography for weeks.

    Just a warning.

    That's why I'm posting anonymously.

    Nice weblog, though. We both get a good laugh out of it.

    --anonymous gweilo