Friday, January 28, 2005

Pointless Gibberish

From BMEzine's gallery, this is a prime example of someone who obviously did not do enough research or none at all. Not only the entire string of characters are gibberish, several characters are missing important dots,

= expensive, costly, valuable

= endure, bear, suffer; forbear

But they are mixture of Japanese Kanji, Traditional and Simplified versions of Hanzi.

(Traditional Chinese ; Simplified Chinese ) = glory, honor; flourish, prosper

(Traditional Chinese ) = favor, benefit, confer kindness

(Traditional Chinese ) = love, be fond of, like

(Traditiona Chinese ; Simplified Chinese ) = labor, toil, do manual work

Granted, many Kanji and Hanzi are the same characters, but at least try to keep them in a consistant form.


  1. I don't see how the characters used are a mix of Japanese Kanji, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese characters. They are all Japanese Kanji characters.

    Well, actually, on closer inspection, I can't tell whether the red character is the simplified character, 爱,or the traditional/Japanese character 愛. Which sort of kills my point....

  2. Yup. Like you said, "love" is in the simpilfied form. I always wondered about that one - why replace the inside with "friend" in the simplified form? Seems to lessen the impact of the meaning of the character. Seems like I am in need of a history lesson.

  3. Ahem, speaking of "gibbrish," the correct spelling is "gibberish."

  4. So they are all kanji except for the one that's highlighted in red. That does kind of make sense as a system. The meaning still excapes me though.

  5. I have to say that this guy sure has a nice back!

    (Shame about the tattoos, though... *sigh*)

  6. I don't think the tattoos are real..

  7. they're definitely real tattoos. just ugly...

  8. Glory, life, wisdom, mutual assistance, health, courage, preciousness, kindness, tolerance, tranquility, love, labor, protection, reason.

    Seems like a list of virtues. But it's not well done (it's not even straight along his spine), and the list has no rhyme or reason to it.

  9. lame as the charecters are they are still better then the stupid top hat, wand, and gloves tattoo he has

  10. *vent* Wow that's a shitty job, corny and meaningless. The tattoo is as lame as the person choosing it. Stupid cool wannabe these days...what a loser. Did he think that sticking on Chinese/Japanese/simplified or whatnot characters onto his back really makes him that race? Looking at that makes me so embarrassed that I had to cringe. *end vent*