Sunday, February 6, 2005

"The Fiercest Calm I've Been In" Ring

The line of "You are the fiercest calm I've been in" is from Tori Amos' song "Concertina".

However, the Chinese characters on the outer surface of this ring are random phrases, and the same ring showed up on another page with different inner engraving.

= inspiration

= fortunate; lucky

= thick; substantial; greatly

= flattering love

= chatter like old woman; cheerful; beauty

= passion


  1. What is wrong with these people? I mean, they don't seem to care about what word to choose and how it will affect them. It's like, "daa dee dum, I'm an idiot that can't bother to google for research...da dee dum". And I thought it was bad enough to choose the wrong name for a child.....

  2. Interesting blog. I am Indian and I am surprised/amused/offended at the use of Indian religious idols and script depending upon my mood and context.

  3. The rings that you mention have a set design with the random words on the outside. The inside text is for the customer to provide/choose. They are completely seperate things.

    The vendor uses a computer engraver to make the rings and the site you have linked to is all about selling rings with custom text inside.

    The specific rings are pictures of rings that people have ordered from the site.

  4. I understand that the engraving on the outer surface are seperate from the inner, but my comment was about the randomness of the Chinese characters and phrases on the ring.

    Personally I admire some of the rings posted on that site, especially I am planning my wedding in June.

  5. I think a better way to reply to Anonymous's comment is that why a person would be so romantic to engrave Tori Amos's lyrics inside the ring, why can't he find a Chinese romantic poem or song for the outside of the ring? I can think of a few romantic songs from Jacky Cheung or Leon Lai . . .


  6. There's an especially romantic song - I think it was by 反光镜 - whose chorus went "我的床上不能没有你."

  7. While it's certainly possible that Mr. Goodell works with some pre-engraved rings, I know that he can do custom work on both the inside and the outside. I had my wedding ring made by him, and was very pleased with the results - I sent him a hand drawn design and he matched almost perfectly.

    Perhaps the buyers of those rings asked for "some cool Chinese/Japanese characters" to go on their ring? If so, I'd say they got exactly what they asked for - at least it's not "crazy diarrhea" :)