Monday, February 14, 2005

That Bad Tattoo Guy

Phoenix radio station 103.9 FM The Edge has made a reference to bad tattoos this morning:

"Japanese symbol that guy, you are all included too, don't think you are not. Unless you have spent time in Tokyo, you have no need to link yourself to its culture. After all, When is the last time you see a Japanese dude with 'Brave' written in English across his ankle?"

clip: badtattoo.mp3

(thanks to Elizabeth for the tip)


  1. Just saw your website and I love it. I'm studying chinese (first year) and I'll sure visit it often :)

  2. LOEFL.

    I'm linking this puppy

  3. This is why, in my religon, we are not permitted tattoos, or other permant body alterations

  4. >Anonymous said...
    "This is why, in my religon, we are not permitted tattoos, or other permant body alterations"


    funny! i didn't realize there were religions that banned tattoos because of how stupid they might make you appear to others. :>

  5. Tattoo's aren't about what other people think of them. If you get one for this reason, you are an idiot.

  6. Of course tattoos are about what other people think of them. Tattoos are just like jewelry, clothes, or anything else people put on their bodies as a "statement". And just like clothes or jewelry, you may not put them out where the PUBLIC can see, but in the end you're still expecting SOMEONE to see it. I can't think of anyone that would get a tattoo just for the satisfaction of seeing it on themselves. If you can't see that, then you may or may not be an idiot.

  7. Actually they are not an idiot. I got my tattoo for no reason that has anything to do with what other people think of it. My reasons, however, have everything to do with the person I share the tattoo with, and the spiritual/personal reasons she and I got them.

    Let's face it...if you get it jsut becasue you think other people are going to think you look cool with it you are more likely than nto going to have people telling you what an idiot you are for getting it.