Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sydney Morning Herald - Radar Section

Reader Sputnik emails:

"Hi Tian, love your site. I discovered it after reading an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The Hanzi Smatter article was in the Radar section of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper June 15, page 7."

The charming article was written by Erin Biba titled "What your tattoo really says":

Tattooing meaningful words on your body in Chinese characters is hip, but it's a risky business when you don't read or speak Chinese. Just ask contributors to, a weblog dedicated to the misuse of Asian characters, most often in tattoo form.


However bad those may seem, Tian put it best when he consoled one victim of tattoo misfortune: "On the good side, it does not say donkey butt."

Thanks to Sputnik, Erin, and Sydney Morning Herald!


  1. Hey, i'm a new reader to your site and i absolutely love it! Your entries never fail to amuse me with the funny translations. Found this site when i type the word "hanzi" and your url came up first.

    Seems like you're getting famous with magazines publishing this URL =D