Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tricky Tiger Saloon

Reader Aylwin emails from Canada:

I spotted this shirt on display last weekend at The Bay (a Canadian department store chain) at Bloor & Yonge in Toronto..."

The character on the upper left corner means "rescue" or "save". According to my Hong Kong native friend Angela, the four characters in the Chinese seal (or Japanese hanko) is a Cantonese slang about cool good looking guy. literally means "[to] have shape" or "shapely", and means "good looking guy". In Mandarin Chinese, is used to describe a good looking guy.

The only conclusion I can draw from the shirt is that "in order to be a cool good looking guy at the Tricky Tiger Saloon, one must rescue a tiger from a white wife-beater tanktop".


  1. JFYI, the entry at Unicode.org for .

    The term "靚仔" is used quite commonly in Hong Kong, and while typically means "good looking guy/boy," can also have negative connotations (i.e. "pretty boy") depending on the context.

  2. Glenn,

    Thanks for the Unicode.org link.

  3. Heh. Maybe it means the wearer wants a good-looking guy to save her from the Tricky Tiger, as it looks like a girl's shirt?

  4. You should send this to the management at The Bay, I'm sure they'd love to know what they are selling!