Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tiger Tie by Burton

Andy from UK has purchased this tie from Burton sometime ago when he needed one. While the tie is often covered by the jacket, Andy has always assumed the Chinese characters had something to do with tiger.

After seeing my site, he started to have doubts about his original assumption and wanted to know just exactly what Burton is putting on their products.

I personally have never seen tiger been described in such way ; but what I can tell is four out of the seven characters are written incorrectly.

My guess is these are random characters chosen to be used as marketing tools.

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  1. My ex-boss had an attractive cast bronze pendant with a single unrecognizable (to me) character on it. He said the store claimed it meant "tiger". Then it hit me, it was a mirror image of 虎 (hu3). The manufacturer had goofed and made the casting so the ugly, flat, bubbly side showed the character correctly.

    He chose to continue wearing it with the pretty but incorrect side showing.

    - 胖猫

  2. Maybe whoever did the design confused fu3 with hu3, then got the wrong wu3? It would make more sense if the tie says 虎舞 instead of 夫武.

  3. It makes perfect sense that some designers want to come up with some funky new designs for their customers by throwing in a few chinese/east-asian characters.

    Just that sometimes it's a little too much when the characters and their semantics are so off....

  4. So... Does the characters mean anything in combination? Or are they just random smatterings which in the end mean nothing?
    Burton has never been known for being a hi-level clothing company so pulling this stuff off doesn't surprise me at all.

    With hopes they have a fine time,