Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dragon Bender


This June 4th tattoo was posted in BMEzine's gallery with caption of:
"Dragon" by Stephanie Campbell, Dragon FX, Kingsway, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Don't forget to check out Dragon FX's introduction movie, where it says:
"Whether you are getting a tattoo or piercing, you can be confident that our staff would go out of their way to serve your needs. After all, you are going to be wearing our work and we want you to be proud of it."


  1. I guess it's a dragon that's tucking in its tail to run away...

  2. The posts are hilarious. I'm japanese but have been studying chinese for a while, so I can appreciate both kinds of misuses of hanzi. Please keep posting

  3. Ugh. Lee. Considering how "beefy" the pieces are, and how far they are from actually looking like "dragon", maybe he should just tell people that it's abstract art and not supposed to be characters at all.

    Actually, that might be a good strategy for a lot of the tattoos that appear on this site....

  4. Not only backwards, but even if the character was correct, the tattoo itself is HIDEOUS!

  5. Dragon FX has one of the [b]worst[/b] reputations in Edmonton for tattoo work. I haven't seen anything decent come out of that shop yet. I remember seeing this one chicks tattoo, and when the light hit it, I could see the keloid scar tissue from across the room! I've never had a tattoo scar up as bad as that. Three guesses where she had it done?

  6. The worst part is, if you go to their website the Flash intro animation is full of Chinese characters.

    Also, they're now offering tattoo removal at 50% off - check out the website! I kid you not.

  7. The worst part is, if you go to their website the Flash intro animation is full of Chinese characters.

    Yeah, you're right. One combination appearing there is 亡死. I think this was supposed to be 死亡 (death), but written backwards! Anyway, I'm not sure that death is quite the right image to be conveyed to the customers about to be poked with sharp needles. ;-)


  8. I love how, on top of the twist, the stylization completely mangles the strokes, into nigh-impossible blobs.

    And as said before, UGLY!