Monday, August 20, 2007

Joyful Life

Jason V. from Brazil has sent me two photos of work done by Stanley of STATTOO in Minas Gerais.

The first one was just three characters thrown together, but the second one was terrible:

Not only these five characters are randomly thrown together, the second one does not even exist, and fourth one ε–œ is upside down!


  1. If I've thought it once on this site, I've thought it a thousand times.
    It's so friggin' BIG!

  2. The first is the Japanese katakana γƒ’ [hi], the second might be 庚 but with a vertical stroke missing on the right and the third is the katakana ド [do].

    But it still makes no sense at all -- it is just a jumble of gibberish thrown together.


  3. Both tattoos are really CRAP, I'm really impressed. And as fas as I know (by the Brazilian tattoo artists I met in international conventions) they tend to be VERY good, but this one, oh gosh, may be the worst

  4. I talked to the "artist" himself, and he said he did not tattoo the first three (the 2 katakana and the supposed kanji, as he calls "letters"), but he did the rest. Well, it does not make it any better for him, since the rest is all wrong and other meaningless tattoo also is his. He said that the client "asked" him so he did it. Well, it also does not make it any better for him, is he tattooing just for money with no criteria? Would the tattoo "" in my forehead before convincing me otherwise?? I don't know!

  5. LOL... these guys are just hilarious. If you don't know Chinese or Japanese.. just don't put it on. Not to mention whoever gave them the tattoo has no idea what they mean in the first place.

  6. hi i found ur site when it was featured on NPR news its great!