Friday, November 30, 2007

Sasha from New York in Miami Ink

An anonymous reader emailed me this screen capture from episode 12 in season 4 of Miami Ink.

It starts at 38:30, some person telling her story:

"Hello. I'm Sasha from New York and I've got this really cool tattoo on my back of a crescent moon surrounded a kanji, which is Japanese symbol and it's all me, it's my initial. And crescent moon is there basically to protect me, to make..."

Another sucker of the "Asian font".


  1. The character is .
    Although it is probably a mistake.
    It can be found as part of those characters: 流 琉 梳 硫 疏 毓 蔬 鎏 醯
    (non exhaustive)

  2. *squints*
    Maybe it's heavily stylized kana...
    The top one could look like the hiragana ち (chi), which the tattooist could have mistaken for さ (sa). As in SAsha...
    The bottom one could look like the katakana ル (ru). Maybe the first syllable of her last name.

  3. "his Taiwanese-Okinawan friend"
    I think explains it.

    Okinawan is an interesting dialect. I'd expect lots of stuff to be different.

    Apparently, this is one of those rare circumstances where there's a decent rationale behind the name, and, I suppose, it's at least correct. KF

  4. It's definitely the "S" character from the gibberish Asian Font (although it even adds an extra stroke to the gibberish, not that it makes it any more incorrect).

    What is "it's all me" supposed to mean? KF

  5. Actually, they got it "correct," and that's part of how we can know it's the "Asian Font." See Alan's notes:
    "充 This looks like the right side of 流, but 充 is the closest full character I can find."