Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mr. Sweet & Sour Pork

Meet Daniel S., aka. Mr. Sweet & Sour Pork,

According to Daniel S., this tattoo was intentional & he was "looking for something humorous, yet also an affront to those people who have supposedly 'deep' meanings in Chinese."

Although it is not incorrect, any serious foodie would know, Sweet & Sour Pork is actually written as 咕嚕肉.

A similar dish is called 酢豚 in Japan.


  1. Even the purposefully bad tattoos come out wrong. It's double-triple irony bingo!

  2. actually i have heard and seen sweet and sour pork said both ways.

  3. tian2 suan1 rou4 is a valid way of saying sweet & sour pork. Certainly is in my textbook that way, and waiters understand what I'm saying when I order it at restaurants.

  4. In Hong Kong if you order it as "Sweet and Sour Pork", even in perfect Cantonese, they will know that you are a 'foreigner'. The best restaurant for it is Luk Yu Teahouse on HK island incidentally.