Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lost Soul Tribal Tat

Alan points me to one of the latest photos in BME:

The caption suggests this is a tribal style tattoo, however it is not true. This is just another ill-informed individual got quasi-Chinese gibberish tattooed on his arm.

Interesting enough, this same tattoo design has appeared before. We are not certain if it is the same person who likes to flaunt his tat or great minds (or lack of) think alike.


  1. Doubt it's the same. I think they're on different arms. Anybody cares to deciphers against the font for what it says? Might reveals why it's the exact design.

  2. If you go by this chart, this tattoo is:

    L O S T S O U L

  3. Actually, I think it _is_ the same arm from the 20060226 posting. The pics are from different views of the arm, but you can see that there's other stuff on the "inside" of both arms.

    I suspect that the owner of "LostSoul" is playing the "credits" game with BME. If you submit a pic (of ink or piercings) then you get credit on your account. Credits let you browse the galleries beyond the guests pic-count limit.

    It's been so long since he submitted this the first time that they lost track. So, he's getting credit again.

  4. It does look like these two tats are on different arms (left and right). So it could be one person that loves this design so much that they put it on both arms, or perhaps we do have another victim.

    But what exactly is the significance of this phrase "LOST SOUL" anyway?


  5. doh. You guys are right... I was distracted by the incredible artwork. :)

  6. Aiyo. It doesn't even LOOK like it's supposed to be an "Asian font". The first thing that came to mind was "alien language". I've been watching too many science fiction TV shows.

  7. Is it ironic that Google Adsense displays so many ads like this: "Chinese Tattoo Designs
    Did you find those Chinese Tattoos? Access 3,523 Tattoo Designs Here!"

    In your ad boxes?

    Also, yes. Alien language!

  8. Sounds like its the same arm.

    In any case, there are lots of premade tattoo designs (called "flash") that are sold to tattoo shops, and which can then be used by patrons for tattoos.

    The general recommendation by most is to avoid getting flash done (be original!), but people do it anyway. Having seen Hanzismatter, I won't trust any Japanese/Chinese in tattoo flash.

  9. @Circéus

    How do you comet ot he conclusion that it's a right and left arm respectively? It's not really possible to tell with the older picture due to there being no elbowjoint in the picture.

    Not that that means I'm not in agreement that it's two different people (or as the theory goes the same person with the tat on both arms).

    If one examines the tats cloesely, one will notice that though using hte same characters, the strokes are different. One of the most obvious differences is the top right vertical slash of the second to bottom char. On the older picture, the stroke origin point curves 'inwards' while on the pic to this post, it curves outwards.