Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lebanese Tattoo by Moe Barjawi

Alan spotted this photo of what appears to be Kanji tattoo by Moe Barjawi in BMEzine's gallery:

Alan emailed me this after seeing it:

Let me see if I got this right. Some tattooist named “Moe” tattoos himself with his name in the “Gibberish Font” and, thinking this will be good advertising for his tattoo shop named “Lebanese Tattoo,” posts a picture of it on… They never learn, do they?

What is even more astonishing is that someone has evidently tried to “improve” the original horrible calligraphy (especially on the partial 辶). Did they really think that bad calligraphy was the only problem? The mind boggles.

What is even more entertaining is definition for the term "Lebanese tattoo" in is the following:

A badly drawn tattoo, done at a 'professional' tattoo studio. The term first surfaced on the facebook group 'Actually, I think your tattoo is hideous'.


  1. maybe the first character is meant to be 康?

    although that doesn't really help at all.

  2. Perhaps they understood what "Lebanese Tattoo" actually meant, know about the "asian font" disaster and, for some odd reason, decided this would be funny and to see who would catch the joke?

    Otherwise, that's just plain sad

  3. Perhaps in a tit-for-tat we could all have a chuckle at some of the English we see on Chinese people's t-shirts. Second languages can be brutal if all you use is a dictionary. I know this from trying to learn Chinese, it can be so hard to get it right.

  4. PS I love the blog. LOL when I read it.

  5. Yeah, looks like an attempt at 康 to me.

    Instead of the partial 辶, it might just be Zhi (之)....or something.