Sunday, December 28, 2008

If douchebags like Criss Angel and David Blaine are your type of heros, here is a video for you:

Sensei Mike Capaldi breaks some wood pieces in shopping center's parking lot without touching them. Of all places, including his own studio and dojo; why would he perform this stunt on a sidewalk of some shopping mall?

By the way, even if the character at the bottom right was not upside-down, the text still makes no sense in Japanese.

Alan's best guess is that they took the word Oseibo (meaning "year-end present"), added a couple other characters for seasoning and mixed and mashed for a Japanese word-soup puree.

Tai-San style mind break, indeed.

I call it bullshit.


  1. Just for no other reason than to point it out, 御 is an honorific prefix in Japanese. If you put it before a word of Japanese origin, it's pronounced "o" and elevates the social standing of the addressee.

    Used with a Sino-Japonic word, it's pronounced "go" and performs the same function.

    Example: 御宅 is "otaku" -- "your house"
    御両親 is "goryoushin" -- "your parents".

  2. 御祝

  3. typical bullshido. a lot of mcdojos employ this tactic to lure the unwary.