Saturday, May 30, 2009

For those who want to be a complete douche-bag on a Saturday or any other days, perhaps a little karate, this is the shirt for you.


Who cares what those characters mean or even if they are correct. When you got this shirt on, you are so badass, even Chuck Norris would cover his nuts.

$21.97 at Palmer Cash by Vintage Vantage.


  1. Looks like it says 主会社手術 to me. Not that it makes any more sense.

  2. Not only do the Kanji/Hanzi characters make no sense, but the rest is really strange, leaving me to wonder whether the designer is capable of saying anything coherent in any human language.

    Is the martial artist shouting "Heart!"? Or is it "Love!"? Or does he just speak in enigmatic Zapf dingbat symbols? And while we're at it, why is "Saturday" in parentheses, and is he supposed to be stomping on it?

  3. And do martial artists usually shout out "Love!" before karate-chopping their opponents? Never happened to me...


  4. I *just* realized, after looking at this post for the third time, that the third character is upside-down and the last one is sideways. Not that it makes it any less garbage.

  5. I have a feeling they may have wanted to say 社会主義 (socialism) but did a horrible job.

    because you know, all martial artists are socialists that speak in dingbat.

  6. looking at the picture, I'd say the designer never meant it to be a serious design and probably didn't care much whether the language was right or not. just like the awful Engrish t-shirts I see every day. It's crap, but at least it's not a tattoo.

  7. The Palmer Cash folks pride themselves on finding and distributing the dumbest t-shirt designs they can find, most of which appear to be crappy 70s designs from flea market quality shops.
    That this partiular design is stupid was intentional on their part, though I have no idea what the original designer was thinking...or, perhaps, this is a newer design that is intentionally stupid, like the "beef and broccolli" tattoos, meant to leave people who can read it scratching their heads...