Monday, October 12, 2009

from: Anonymous
date: Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 10:02 PM
subject: Another "Asian font" tattoo

Hi there,

Some guy in Facebook is showing off his tattoo.

As an avid reader of your site, I know that this tattoo is his name ‘K-H-A-L-E-D’ in the ridiculous ‘Asian font’.

I thought you might like to see it.


  1. Love the random kanji wall scroll and the Che Guevara poster tucked behind his bed. Trendiness should be a sin.

  2. What makes me smile are the comments by his friends on how great the tattoo is. Sigh. But I guess as long as he doesn't expose his arm to anyone who can actually read it, he should be able to go through life just fine. Sail on, Kdog, sail on.

  3. In the person's defense, they are getting a cover-up of the random kanji tattoo. Looks like we're just seeing the outline of the cover-up prior to the actual work.

  4. Wonder if the wall scroll means anything...

  5. @ Defendership,
    福如東海長流水 = "Blessed like the Eastern Sea, where the water flows on forever" which is on the scroll, is all in Chinese so, you it is improper to call them Kanji. It's Hanzi or Chinese characters. Kanji are Chinese characters or Japanified characters used along with the two syllabaries. In Chinese = "Hanzi", in Japanese = Kanji, in Korean = "Hanja", & in Vietnamese = "Han tu" [I can't type Vietnamese accents]

  6. Another gullible fellow has been appropriately branded. Sigh.

  7. Does anyone have Hanzi Smatter's e-mail address? I want to make sure the chops I had made in Hong Kong say what I asked for them to say. Thanks

  8. Does anyone have Hanzi Smatter's e-mail address?

    Click on where it says "Email" under the word "Contact".

  9. I love the empty "house" radical at the end. I mean, even someone with no knowledge of hanzi/kanji should be able to see that that's not a complete character, right?