Sunday, December 13, 2009


At firs, it looks like pure gibberish - mixed Japanese and Chinese characters:

厉 カ ネ 羊

But looking more carefully, perhaps the idiot started with these characters:

But then he decided to switch from horizontal to vertical writing, and then split up the characters at the wrong places, making two characters into four.


By the way, what does mean anyway?


  1. Just to be weird I put it through Babel Fish.

    Japanese to English comes off as "Encouragement lucky occurrence"

    Both forms of Chinese to English say "Urges auspicious".

    Sounds like someone used a translator program but got something completely odd.. Then nailed it onto their skin for eternity.

  2. I had to put the original through BabelFish, Chinese and Japanese it ended up as
    Severe Golden Sheep

    That's truly hilarious!

  3. I'm going waaaay out on a limb here and going to say that it's gibberish font meant to be read 'h A t E' in roman letters. Anyone else see this?

  4. You should like / use:


  6. First thing I thought it said (In English) was sHit... Anyone else? Absolutely awesome blog here :)

  7. If it is supposed to be 励祥, well my Japanese dictionary shows no such word. Even separately, it's odd.
    励まし hagemashi - "encouragement"
    祥 saga/shou - must be added to other words but means usually to indicate something happy occurred so you want to celebrate and remember the date, like an anniversary

  8. Maybe it was supposed to be 理想 which means "ideal", because 励祥 when read out loud sounds the same. Too bad these two random (and wrong) characters were used instead.