Sunday, February 6, 2011

from: Tom De R.
date: Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 10:47 AM

Can you please tell me what this means.
My brother got this last week and is an idiot.

自律 means "autonomy" and means "joy".

However due to the location of the tattoo, one can make a cheeky remark of this young man is "taking care of business himself".


  1. So the literal english translation of that tattoo is "jerkoff"?

  2. They're saying that one pair of characters means autonomy, which is like independence, or doing things without being controlled by others. The other character means joy. The tattoo appears to be on this guy's forearm. Now, if you had a tattoo on your forearm that said in English, "independent joy" or "happiness without other people" ...

  3. lol @ So the literal english translation of that tattoo is "jerkoff"?
    Never fails to amaze me how stupid people can be, especially those who think they're ubercool with some Asian tat.

  4. Yep a euphemism for wanker. Classic.

  5. 自律 does not really mean autonomy. It is rather self-discipline.

  6. I agree with Kenneth 自律 alone is self-discipline. Can it be Self Disciplined Happiness?

  7. Well, 自律 could mean both in Japanese, the use as autonomy appears a bit common though. 樂 can have really various meanings such as joy, ease, pleasure, etc. They are close to Happiness, but not on the spot.