Sunday, May 14, 2006

Courtesy Phrase Tattoo

As an old-fashioned type of man, I often do little things like opening doors for ladies as a sign of courtesy. Of course, sometimes the women would show their appreciation with a simple “thank you”.

What if the person who did the good deed is not an English speaker?

Get yourself a Chinese courtesy phrase tattooed on your leg. Problem solved.

means "many thanks".

Perhaps her other leg says “come again”.


  1. How ugly is that....

  2. Thought I'd share this since I'm reading your blog so often:

  3. I think it would be funny if hte other leg said, 唔該 (P:wu gai)..

    in a Cantonese environment you could flash the appropiate leg to say "thank you" depending on the situation.

    if someone opens the door for you, you would reply with 唔該 instead of 多謝.. in Cantonese context.

  4. "come again" - pun intended?

  5. And she'd need to leave some serious space for どうもありがとうございます. Then she could be thankful in Japan too.

  6. Somehow, the tattoo reminds me of "Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am!"