Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Extra Love

From reader "Eddie L.":

"I have one for you. I did some research on the web but I could not identify its true meaning [of this character]..."

It suppose to be the character which means "love". I have seen some companies that print tattoo templates with a horizontal bar on top of the character to indicate "this way up". Obviously the tattooist thought the horizontal bar suppose to be there.


  1. Maybe it's "One Love"

    一 is one

    愛 is love

    Bob Marley lover?

  2. But if it was supposed to say One Love, yi looks totally weird - too long and not spaced properly.

  3. For that matter, the 'ai' looks strange, too - too distended along the vertical axis. So I'm willing to believe that this was just a badly-copied (or badly-templated) "One Love."

  4. The meaning is "one love" but it's done bad unless it is not a fake. To me it looks like "made by markers". However, I can't understand why people mark themselves for life! Besides that, 一愛 sounds stupid. And if it's not a fake he/she might would add 遥 in a few years to it;)