Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Crazy Diarrhea", The Legend Continues

* Photo(s) have been removed on behalf of Ms. Naomi Chaney's (owner of the "crazy diarrhea" tattoo) Request *

The original can be viewed at

In October 14, 2004, when I first saw this tattoo, I was stunned and speechless. It literally means "crazy diarrhea" in both Chinese Hanzi and Japanese Kanji.

= crazy
= to flow out, diarrhea

One comment from the supposely owner of the tattoo (he/she submitted the comment anonymously and there is no confirmation) claimed that:

"I knew pretty much what it meant and got it as a joke to people who get stupid shit tattooed onthemselves without knowing what it was. Though yes I thought it meant violent diarrhea, crazy diarrhea isn't too far off. I had help from an asian friend of mine to pick this out."

I wonder if this is the same person, or there has been a "crazy diarrhea" cult spawned.


  1. One big vote for the samosas. Heck, I'd buy a package of these, just to keep the packaging.

  2. Hell yeah. Hilarious.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with poking fun at boneheads with crappy kanji tattoos. I can't tell you how irritated I get when people say "oh you can speak a tiny bit of Japanese? Can you write *Inner Spirit* for me?"

    I think of the kanji/chinese phenomenon like this: people get all worked up if they get the wrong thing ("Insert General Tso's Chicken here" comes to mind), but don't English-speakers get upset and/or make fun when they see botched English? I think speakers of whatever botched language have every right to mock said botchery.

  3. Yes, I have seen mockery of Japanese-English (see

    But of all their examples, I don't see them tatooed on a person for all eternity.

    "I saw the movie which could cry very much"-t-shirt. Yes.

    But a tatoo? No.

  4. I love this blog and had forgotten it existed until boingboing reminded me by showing me the funniest post ever...

  5. Sooo... a good friend of mine has a tattoo on his shoulder. (I'll have to get a pic of it)

    He asked a street caligraphy artist to do a 5x7 version of it for his wall. The artist agrees and for 10$ produces a nice copy of it. Then laughing he hands it to my friend. I ask him why he's laughing.

    Artist responds "It says 'Sheep'"

  6. What would the kanji be for "All your base..?"

  7. 基地 = base

  8. " How does one pronounce crazy diarreah in Japanese?"
    Well, these two kanji would be read in Japanese as 'kyou-sha', but this character for diarrhea is used very rarely. The more common one is 痢(ri), as in the word 下痢(geri), which is the usual word.