Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Aggressor Alert

Reader Margaret emails me a link to a Craiglist posting. The anonymous individual wrote following:

"Can someone please tell me what this means? So, I've been dating this guy and he just got this new tattoo. He claims that it says one thing but I believe it says something else. It's obvious that the "IV" in the middle means the number "4". What does the rest say? I want to know if he's really trust worthy or not. I belive he's lying... can anyone shed some light on this?"

The top three characters means "invader" or "aggressor", and the bottom two means "human life" or simply "life".

My guess is that he wanted "aggressor for life", but the tattoo artist did not have all the template available, therefore substituted Roman numeral "IV" instead. Clever.

With the "aggressor" tattooed on his neck, perhaps rest of the photograph would show him wearing a "wifebeater" tanktop?

Update: Tattoo man wanted Oakland "Raiders for life", instead he got "Invaders for life".

From the comments section, it appears this guy got screwed big time. Not only he got a tattoo for a wrong football team, the team tattoo he is sporting has been defunct long time ago.

This is especially hilarious when Oakland Raiders has a Chinese section on their official website. If only this man would spend a few minutes to do some reading, all the embarrassment could have been avoided.

The official team name for Oakland Raiders in Chinese is 突袭者.


  1. He was probably aiming at "Thug 4 Life".

  2. I wish Yakuza would chop this guy's head off and that will show him how really "tough" he is.

    What a f_cking retard!

    I can't imagine anyone would date him. I wouldn't be surprised if the girlfriend with show up with blackened eyes.

    Why is his neck so disgusting looking? Maybe he never bothered to wash behind his ears and neck?

  3. I wonder what he was telling people it said...

  4. Is that really his neck?? :s wierd looking!!

  5. Might be a pro-life crusader?
    Maybe it is Eric Rudolph's neck.

  6. I actually responded to this lady's original posting. The Craigslist posting appeared in the San Francisco / Oakland region of the country, where fans of the Oakland Raiders football team run rampant. The woman's new beau wanted to say "Raiders for life". In my opinion, it's not a bad; however, the tattoo can only be understood by insiders. By the way, if you know anything about Raider fans (the closest thing to soccer hooligans in the US), you'd have a relatively greater understanding of where this guy's coming from.

  7. The woman who posted the anonymous message on obviously is not a charmer herself.

    How the hell did she find a man with such disgusting skin? Perhaps the man has good personality? That is very doubtful if he decide to get "thug 4 life" on his neck. That is just asking for trouble.

    She also has trust issues about him already. If she can't trust him, then why in the world is she still with him?

    I would pay money to see this "thug 4 life" guy get his ass whooped by the Triads or the Yakuza.

  8. So the guy wanted a tattoo of his favorite football team in Chinese? Why didn't he just go to the Official Oakland Raiders' website?!

    The team website has a section in Chinese!

    突袭者 is the team name in Chinese.

    What a retard... Now he has a tattoo for some other team. This shows you how stupid are these so called "fans".

  9. Hmmm, I am the person who responded to the woman CL poster. I remember a while back, there was a professional football league called the USFL. The team that played in the Bay Area was called the "Invaders". The league was basically boo'd off the stage. I wonder if this Raider fan knows he's got a "Invaders" tattoo instead of a "Raiders" tattoo?

    You are absolutely correct in terms of each professional sports team in the US having an officially translated Chinese name. The local Chinese language papers do have a sports section, with these names appearing quite often.

  10. FYI: "Raider" and "invader" are nearly synonymous in English.