Thursday, April 21, 2005

Loving Mother's Hope, Infurating Father's Knowledge

= love, be fond of, like
= mother; female elders; female
= to look at, look forward; to hope, expect

愛母望 could be translated as "loving mother's hope", or "love mother's gaze".

= air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
= father
= wisdom, knowledge, intelligence

can also be interpreted as "angry" or "mad", as in "氣死你" which means "making you mad [to death]".

could then be translated as "infurating father's knowledge".

It is probably fitting, especially after when this person's father finds out he/she got random Chinese characters tattooed on his/her legs.


  1. not to mention that is one hideous tattoo in a very unflattering place.


    a girl with a kanji tattoo because she's half chinese and her mommy from hong kong helped her design it ^_^

  2. can you say "cankles" kids?

    i knew you could!

  3. I can also say fat, pasty logs where your legs are supposed to be. Now they look even more unattractive.

    "Hey, I'm fat and pale, maybe this writing in another language will distract people from that."

    Not really. Then again, maybe it means "My mom thinks this is a good idea and hopes it will make me more attractive, but my dad hates me and knows it will make it less likely someone will take me off his hands, so either way a tattoo is cool."

  4. the tattoo looks like as if it was writen by a typewriter or a printer on blank paper because that font is usually used to write formal text in chinese. At least they could have chosen a font which looks like handwritten.

  5. Those could be s/he's forearms!

  6. i once slapped my wife