Friday, December 16, 2005

"Ding Dong"

When I saw this photo, the first two questions popped into my mind are:

1. Is the witch dead?

2. Are the fries done?

The four-character phrase (circled in red) on this young man's left forearm is the literal translation that means "the sound of ding-dong".


  1. shouldn't the tattoo be going down the arm to the wrist? otherwise when this person is walking around the tattoo is going to look upside down. unless the person walks around with their hands held to their throat.

  2. I think the tatoos are meant to show people, so the orientation is correct. Just like those who have "Love" and "Hate" on their fingers, normally at rest, they would be upside-down.

    However, the ding-dong part could be translated roughly to "Ring of the bell" or to "Wake up call", as they have been in peoms. This then would indicate something, in English, like "Wake up" or even "Here is a clue"...

  3. I seem to remember hearing both phrases before when I was younger.(Though I can't remember if it has ever been used together as "叮当一响,笑口长开")
    Anyway, do a google search using "叮当一响", and you'll find chinese essays using that phrase.

  4. Perhaps he was trying to show everyone what a "ding-dong" he really is?

    Mission accomplished!

  5. I know nothing about chinese, but a chinese friend tells me it says something like "when you hear the sound 'ding dong' you will feel happy" ... So yes, Tian, "Ding, fries are done!" LOL!