Wednesday, January 4, 2006

"Grasping Fate"

, "grasp, take hold of; monopolize",
, "hem, margin; reason, cause; karma, fate",

Note to self: I really should start charging U. S. Navy recruiting office for all the work I have done for them.


  1. Hey Tian,
    Thought these might interest you. They had an article on athlete's tatoos in SI, and these are the ones with hanzi.


  2. I really enjoy your site. I've come to the conclusion that I won't ever get a chinese tattoo. I have thought about it before but after seeing this...I think I'm better off not not getting one!

  3. The real question is, would they pay?

  4. I just found this site today too and i was reading it for hours. Great work you're doing, and keep it up!
    I can't believe some of the terrible tattoo artists out there--not just for the errors, but for the lousy jobs they did!

  5. Maybe this was meant to be (yet another variation of) Carpe Diem?
    Or just an interesting, but not necessarily correct, translation of Master of My Own Fate/Destiny?