Wednesday, January 4, 2006

"Forever Lost"

If this tattooed phrase would be translated into English as "character-per-word", it would say "Forever Lost" or "Eternally Lost". Aside from the terrible calligraphy, the phrase is grammatically incorrect when it is read as Chinese.


  1. Welcome back Tian.

    Boy, that's some nasty calligraphy. They just keep on coming.

  2. Well, the second character is really 恆, so it's actually written not so bad. 失 is the one they've really butchered.

  3. wow i think that's some of the worst handwriting/calligraphy i've seen on your site in a while. the artist must not have any knowlege of writing chinese at all...

    love the site!

  4. Gramatically, it is left open. In this incomplete form, it ought to translate to something like "the thing I lost to eternity" (or such). The subject that should be there is missing. What is it this person has lost enternally? Perhaps this is meant as an profound question?