Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I saw this photo in someone's MySpace page. He has since then closed his MySpace account, but the photo is still available at

I assume the last character is , which means "fortunate" or "lucky".

Notice his username "Lord Chino"? I am unsure about if he is referring to

1. Trousers made from coarse twilled cotton fabric
2. Spanish word for Chinese


  1. Looks like キモ to me, although it doesn't make much sense...

  2. If I am not mistaken, the Chinese simplified form of the second character is 荣, as opposed to 栄 which is the Japanese simplified form. This suggests that the calligraphy is Japanese and not Chinese. The third character is still not legible as a Japanese character, though. Something is clearly missing.

  3. Quoting Alan:
    "Something is clearly missing."

    I vote "knowledge of the language".

  4. It doesn't look like キモ to me. Incidentally in Japanese young people now tend to contract 気持ち悪い (kimochi warui)meaning disgusting to 気もい (kimoi)
    or when expressed with emotion the final i gets cut off making it simply
    キモ (kimo!)

  5. It looks more like a badly written 老 (J=Roo, meaning: old-elderly)

  6. My wife agreed with the first comment that it looks like キモ, but I agree with tian that it was probably a poor attempt at 幸.

    The real tragedy is that while his intention ostensibly was to "look cool", the calligraphy is incredibly bad. Even the character which is clearly legible as 信 has a dian at the top of the right-half of the character which seems to go diagonally from upper right down to the left. Awful, simply awful. Refund. Oops, too late.

    I think a tattoo artist should at least be able to faithfully reproduce a piece of calligraphic art. Have they tried the "InterWeb"?

  7. I thought it looked like キチ, but the second charecter hooks the wrong way. I thought it looked more like a nice sweeping stroke in the wrong direction, instead of a hook. Unfortunately I don't have any meaning to attach to kiti.

  8. I don't know what the tattoo artist was attempting to spell with the last 2"characters",but to me,it looks like ホモ(katakana pronounced as homo).The term ホモ is used by the Japanese in a derogatory way to describe(surprise!)homosexuals...