Saturday, September 23, 2006

Breaking of Extreme "Wind"

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  1. haha. good job. This site makes me laugh so much.

  2. a girl i met had 瘋 on the small of her back, she thought it meant "crazy", as in a crazy, fun person.

  3. The New Paper is from Singapore. A lot of people there can read Chinese, so really all they should have done was print photos of the botched tattoos and let readers laugh their asses off. S'poreans aren't big into tattoos anyway. It being a Chinese-dominated society...tattoos tend to be associated with a) drug addicts and b) gangsters.

  4. The New Paper is indeed from Singapore. A good percentage of us can read Chinese, understand chinese and write chinese. Singaporeans are big on Tattoo. They are in denial, and they do admire good tattoo works, that are not vulgar or degrading.

    Tattoo ARE not associated with Drug Addicts or Gangsters.
    Those getting a Tattoo is in a brotherhood of those who love body arts, an unique people with unique personality.
    xenobiologista... you need to read up on the history of Tattoo and the whats and whys.
    Oh God.