Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bushido Virtues Lost

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The seven virtue of Bushido are so poorly done, many have left with missing strokes.

Rectitude ()
Courage ()
Benevolence ()
Respect ()
Honesty ()
Honor ()
Loyalty ()

The character for rectitude has been spited into two, & . Instead of representing righteousness, it is "king me" which sounds more like a term from Chess. Or "The King and I", if he is a musical type.

Both respect & honesty are missing a stroke.

Any self-respecting samurai would have committed suicide long time ago to defend his reputation and honor.

These pseushido (pseudo+bushido) douchebags are such pussies.

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  1. I think 義 is just one character with the two strokes missing and not split in two, looking at the other characters he kinda spaced out the radicals so they look like independent characters on the other ones as well...

    I guess he could fix some of them up by modifying and adding some strokes to make it "correct", then it just be ugly handwriting/typography

  2. At least he didn't split it CORRECTLY in which case it would have been "goat me" =D

  3. pseushido, nice. I prefer "bullshido" personally.