Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In April 22nd's episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they have an obviously edit an image of Karl Rove's body with tattoos. Approximately 7' 30" into the show, Jon points out one tattoo, "the Chinese symbol for tenacity", but it is in fact the traditional character for love - .

This is not the first time TDS made fun of members of the GOP. Previous butt of their joke was Condi Rice.

PS. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is a parody show made by Comedy Central. I don't want to have more humorless dimwits like this one and this one email in to tell me Karl Rove or Condi Rice does not have any tattoos.


  1. Y'know, when I saw that clip, I figured they probably used the wrong character, and mirrored it, on purpose. Kind of another layer of humor, for those "in the know"?

  2. You know, I thought of your blog when I saw that episode!

  3. I noticed that, too. I just thought they were being facetious -- especially considering how they followed that up with "the Japanese symbol for dickishness" being Hello Kitty flipping us the bird...

  4. The "humorless dipshits" links literally made me laugh my ass off.

    Not that the rest of the post was any less funnier, but good god those people were trying too hard.