Friday, December 30, 2011

from: dulce
to: ""
date: Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 12:19 PM
subject: a question/ tatoo

dear sir

today I met this man, who came to fix my car.
when I saw his arm, tattoed , I did ask him the meaning of the word and he said: this is the name of his son, called: João Victor (something like John Victor in English)

Is he right? I don´t think so....

best regards


It is completely gibberish, not even correct with the gibberish font.


  1. The first character could be 術 "shu", conceivably a start at "João", but the use of three identical glyphs at the end should have made the man suspicious even if he didn't know an East Asian language.

  2. It's definitely Asian Gibberish, incorrectly done. According to one of the Gibberish Asian fonts posted here some time ago, the letters here translate to J X S S S. How you get that from Joao Victor I will never know.

  3. Why would someone think three of the same characters in a row could equal a name? That didn't cause the guy to raise an eyebrow? Funny.


    looks like gibberish to me but hey... any clue?