Monday, March 7, 2005

Soccer Player's Tattoo

Christian Vieri

Does anyone recognize who this person is? I originally found this photo in Yahoo Fifa's website, but then lost the link. I think he is a professional soccer player. His arm tattoo appears to be a serie of random characters.

= constant, regular, persistent
= thunder
= clan, family; mister
= heart; mind, intelligence; soul
= harmony, peace; peaceful, calm

Update: Andy has identified this player to be Christian Vieri, an Italian soccer (or football) player.

Zhwj has forward an interview Mr. Vieri has done with Titan Sports in 2003. When asked about his tattoo, Vieri mentioned "I went to a tattoo parlor, but they did not tell me the characters' meanings. I picked these because I liked their look." Also, Vieri was pleasently surprised when the interviewer told him the meanings of the characters.


  1. Here's a 2003 interview from Titan Sports.

    Apparently Mr. Vieri went to a tatoo parlor and chose a few characters he liked the look of. The interviewer asks him if he knows what they mean, and he says no. The interviewer then points out that "strength, eternity, thunder" are good descriptions of a football playing style.

    So it's not the complete embarrassment it could have been.

  2. Yes it is definately Christian Vieri.

  3. I can't understand why you'd permanently put something on your body when you don't know what it means.

  4. boy did he get lucky! It could have been so much worse. Though probably funnier.