Tuesday, May 3, 2005

3D Car FX


Listen up, all you import mod fans, you can make fools out of yourselves and cars by placing these incorrect Kanji stickers on your rides.

does not mean "beauty", it means "letter, invitation; choose".

does not mean "extreme", it means "cut, mince, slice, carve".

I have no idea what that "follow" character is.

does not mean "love", it means "to entertain, feast; a feast, banquet".

is "strength", not the gibberish shown.

I should also point out that usually means "ghost; spirit of dead; devil", and means "inhale, suck in; absorb; attract".

I have emailed corrections to 3dcarfx.com, so far the only response I got from them is an auto-response email.


  1. I'd also like to point out, since this site seems to be gearing this for Japanese Kanji use, that the 柬 character isn't even used in Japanese, aside from the wartime kanji transliteration of "Cambodia."

  2. Also, for the 'follow' character, I believe that they probably wanted to use 奉 and messed up copying the bottom portion.

  3. Hmmm, I also see 信 listed twice, translated as "faith" and "trust." I guess those are both fair uses.

    Besides the kanji errors, they misspelled "emperor."

  4. I bet they got the 'smoke' from a No Smoking sign. I wonder how many other languages use 'suck' as the verb for smoking cigarettes (Malay does).

  5. Not to mention that the font is pretty ugly too.

  6. 那個字可能是「夾」字的草筆,也可能是錯別字,例如它挺像個「夫」字。

  7. As fonts go, it's certainly not the prettiest. Looks like that kind of writing I would've done in third grade--and my Chinese writing is pretty ugly.

  8. It might be strange but i noticed that the character they used for strength is like the the one used for strength in the Elder Futhark (Germanic Runes)