Friday, May 13, 2005

Interview with RTHK Radio 3

Yesterday I did a telephone interview about Hanzi Smatter with Mr. Hugh Chiverton of RTHK Radio 3. Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK 香港電台) Radio 3 broadcasts in English covers news, information, and general programming. It is similar in genre to BBC Radio 4.

rthk20050512.smi (real audio)
rthk20050512.mp3 (mp3)


  1. Congratulations, Tian!

  2. awesome, this site is on my favourites list now

  3. While I agree Hollywood is largely responsible for the "mystique of Asian culture", I don't think it's fair to mention Hero, an all-Chinese movie that is very popular in China and that few in America have seen. Crouching Tiger, maybe, but not Hero...

  4. Oh, and I didn't mean to look like an ass. Congrats! :)