Tuesday, May 24, 2005

FHM Lithuania March 2005


Jennifer Virskus from FHM Lithuania has sent me a copy of March 2005 issue of the magazine, where Hanzi Smatter was featured on page 12's "Eggs of the World" section.

Since I do not understand Lithuanian, would anyone that does please translate it for me?



  1. Hi! Hanzi :)
    Translation (or something like that):

    Pass it to "Shalenga"
    Do you remember TV advertisement, when some old man made tattoos on arms of idiots with meaning of food or dish ("Sprite" comercial)? But Shalenga (basketball player) did not care? We shud ask about it one chinese guy from Arizona Tian Tang. Maybe Shalenga's tatoo on his arm-anus glorifys name of some chinese comunist. Tian has a webpage at http://www.hanzismatter.com/ .
    He collects nonsense in wetern culture written chinese characters

    An then examples of tattoos and their meanings

    My english is bad :(

  2. I can't translate the writing, but it just looks so *cool*!

  3. its just said that famous basketball player in lithuania made himself couple ''chinese type'' tatoos , and then ur website is gaved as an example that those tatoos might be a total nonsence, and press just wondering if that basketball player actually knows whats written there. thats it, and a bit of the examples of your collection...