Monday, April 10, 2006

CBC Radio Freestyle Interview

I have just finished a phone interview with CBC Radio this morning.

I was told it was aired in "Freestyle" segment of the show later today (or tonight depends on which part of the world you living in.)

Have a listen everyone, and please let me know what you think.

7.45 MB mp3 audio file here and here.



Ps. Here is my recent interview with BBC on April 6, 2006.


  1. Hi Tian, Just heard your interview on CBC on Freestyle - caught my interest so much so that I sat in the car in my driveway to listen to the spot with ice cream melting in the trunk of my car. I look forward to poring through your website with glee. Thanks for putting it together for folks like us.

    Jennifer G.
    Belleville, ON

  2. I found you from CBC's Freestyle show, which just finished airing.

    You did a GREAT job! I can't wait to explore your site!

  3. I just heard you on CBC's Freestyle.

    I LOVE Your idea and your website!

    (Alberta, Canada)

  4. Hey Tian,

    Just listened to the interview with are getting pretty good at these interviews! This is a funny idea, but I think it's also provides a service that people should look into before they commit to such a permanent decoration. How embarassing to walk around with something that says "low class, dirty", etc.

    I'll be back to this blog often, you media darling!

  5. Tian,
    The interview sounded great. It's funny because I just saw a link to your site on today so I got to your site just before FreeStyle aired. You came across as intelligent and well spoken. Nice job.

    Vancouver Island, BC Canada

  6. Great job on the interview! You are getting to be quite the media darling, congratulations on taking this funny idea (and what could be a great service for people before they commit to such permanent decoration) to the masses.

  7. Tian, I've just listened to both the BBC and CBC interviews. You rock!

  8. Dude, are you getting paid yet?

    You're like a media whore without the salary!

    Anyway, I think it's great! Keep up the good work!

  9. verrrryyy nice.
    (tries to imagine Tian speaking Chinese) mmm.

  10. Tian, good work. too bad I can't say the same for the CBC. I live in Canada, and the CBC can never get its shit calling you Tian Ting at the end of the interview.

    Anyway, I came to a sudden realization. I know that your story is that you were inspired to create this site when you saw a mitsubishi mirage with the stickers of a honda prelude on it. However, I know people who street race, and I would argue that the wrong stickers were not accidental. People who race with Japanese cars (colloquially referred to as "ricers" where I come from) will often put stickers on their cars of other cars they've smoked in a race. Thus, my friend with a Subaru Impreza has stickers for mitsubishi, and honda on his bumper.


  11. Baigui,

    I know what you mean about the import street racing culture, but in the case of Mitsubishi Mirage with Honda Prelude stickers, I really doubt it.

    Here is the photo.

  12. Tian,

    As a Canadian living in Japan I often get to see and hear mangled English, a lot of it is hilarious. Taking my Japanese with back to Canada with me in 1999 made me aware that we Westerners are just as able to mangle Japanese and Chinese.

    I found your web site shortly after I returned here in 2004 and have been enjoying it ever since. I have used a link to Hanzi Smatter many times with people who ask me to translate something into Japanese.

    Often they will come to me with a translation in hand that they have received from an online translation service. More often than not after running their translation by several Japanese friends and family I have to tell them what they got is incorrect, extremely old usage, or just plain strange. Most people are cool with my response.

    It was a great thrill to listen to your interview on CBC Radio. Keep up the good work.